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Islamic Azad University  is a chain of universities in Iran. Headquartered in Tehran, Iran, the Islamic Azad University was founded in 1982 and currently has an enrollment of 1.3 million students, making it the worlds third largest. Azad University has over 350 branches across the country and also in other countries such as the U.A.E. and the U.K..The university system also operates a news agency similar to ANA, named "Azad News Agency".
Islamic Azad Universitys activities quickly expanded throughout the country, so that today thousands of students are benefiting from its high educational standards. Not relying on government funding, it receives charitable donations and charges students with tuition fees.

The certificates issued by this university are recognized upon evaluation by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Masters and doctorate programs have been offered in many different branches of Islamic Azad University.


Islamic Azad University of Shabestar is one of the branches of Islamic Azad University which is located in Shabestar city 60km from Tabriz and has about 4500 students in different courses of engineering, basic sciences, agriculture and human sciences in graduate and post graduate (MS. , MA and PhD). Islamic Azad University Shabestar branch   has lots of sites and advanced laboratories in existing courses. Islamic Azad University Shabestar branch has got more than 25000 graduates from 1989(its foundation) up to now.


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